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Zurich-based Euroconsult is a Swiss-regulated, Independent Financial Investment Advisor that is dedicated to providing a discreet, very personalized Services and Investment Products to its international clientele.

Member of the Swiss association of independent asset-managers (GSCGI) and of The Swiss-regulated PolyReg, we provide up-to-date Investment Strategy &Analysis and Asset Allocation, without being hindered by the constraints of a bank that would otherwise be managing your wealth. The bank (in Switzerland or elsewhere) where your financial investments are kept would act solely as a Custodian. YOU are the Commanding Officer, and YOU are the person who controls the account !

Our investment philosophy and strategies evolve around YOU, the individual client; Your Personal, Business and Fiscal circumstances and needs (Current and future), as well as your Risk-Profile, all serve as the underlying foundations for the services we provide.

During the past three decades, our expertise has developed around the notion that PRESERVATION of CAPITAL should be our overriding goal, followed by the challenge of producing above-average performance for a given level of risk. Consequently, we have built-up knowledge and experience in Capital-Protected Assets. That conservative strategy enabled our clients to sail through the Internet Bubble of 2000, and to override the Financial Crisis of 2008, while absorbing most of the shocks of the 2011 European trying-time.

Nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st Century, our clients are able to generate from capital-protected investments a current annual income (In USD or Euro) in excess of 7,50% , while also retaining a reasonable promise of capital-appreciation. (For our current strategy, please refer to our Investors’ Letter, post). Under the radar, Swiss-franc quality bond, which pays you almost 6% anually, is another attractive low-risk, stable currency investment.

We cover the World at large; Our Geographical, Sectorial and Currency diversification enable us to better-allocate your investment-assets in a manner that would best reflect your personal, family and business requirements , all within the accepted level of risk.

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